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First Visit

Upon your arrival for your complimentary first appointment, our staff will guide you on a tour of our office. Dr. Maskeroni will provide a thorough exam of the teeth, face, and jaw. We will take a series of digital photographs and/or digital x-rays to help determine a preliminary treatment plan, which will be explained to you at the end of the appointment.

All the information about the need, timing, and cost of your orthodontic treatment will be provided. Questions are encouraged throughout the exam. Your first visit will take approximately 45 minutes.

Should treatment be required, an appointment for orthodontic diagnostic records can be scheduled and our financial coordinator will discuss fees and payment options. We will provide you with all the information you need to understand your orthodontic treatment.


Oral Hygiene

Successful orthodontic treatment depends upon the patient care of teeth and appliances. Improper or infrequent care of orthodontic appliances may cause gum tissue around the teeth to become infected causing gingivitis. The gums can become inflamed, making them bleed during cleaning. If the inflammation persists long enough, the excess tissue may have to be surgically removed at the end of treatment.

Plaque around the brackets can also release an acidic material that can damage the enamel. The first sign is the enamel begins to decalcify, meaning it loses some of the mineral content that makes up the enamel. This process changes the color of the affected area to a noticeable white appearance and can lead to decay.

Your dental hygiene is very important to us so we have taken the time to demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques to you. We require our patients to have clean teeth each time they come in for treatment. We provide each patient with a new electric toothbrush at the beginning of treatment to insure each patient has the correct tools to maintain good hygiene. Additionally for your convenience, we have disposable toothbrushes available (at the front desk) if you don’t get a chance to brush before your appointment.

Oral hygiene has a significant impact on the look of your final result:

Good Hygiene


Financing & Insurance


Our office offers several convenient payment options. We will provide you with fees and payment options once it is determined that you or your child is ready for orthodontic treatment.


If you have dental insurance that offers orthodontic coverage, we will be happy to assist you in claiming your benefits. Our office will need to know the name of the insurance company, the social security number or ID number, birth date of the insured, a group or policy number, and a correct telephone number so that we may assist you in determining your orthodontic benefit. You may call your insurance company and receive your benefit information directly.

If you have any questions or problems with your insurance company, we will do our best to provide you with the information needed to resolve your problem or concern. Some insurance companies require the policyholder to call them directly to resolve any problems. Most of the time our office works with the insurance company and we will do our best to make sure you receive your maximum orthodontic benefit.

Feel free to print and complete a health information form and insurance form before your new patient exam.

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Health Information

Insurance Information



We strive for on-time appointments.

We understand everyone seeking orthodontic treatment has other important obligations during the day, usually work or school, and we do our best to accommodate to your schedule. When active treatment begins, each patient is seen approximately every 4-10 weeks and some of these appointments may conflict with work or school schedules. 

Because we use the newest orthodontic technology, patients can have a shorter treatment time and less frequent appointments. Most appointments are relatively short, so we have designed our schedule to have short appointments after school and work hours. There are a few appointments, which are more time consuming, such as diagnostic records and placing and removing braces. It is necessary to do these procedures during school or work hours. 

We have devoted considerable time and effort to designing our schedule with our patient's valuable time in mind. Our goals for each appointment are to see you on time, have adequate time to complete the necessary procedures, to answer any questions, and update you on the progress of treatment.

If contacting our office before or after regular hours, you will reach our answering system. We will return your call the next business day.


Emergency Information

Orthodontic treatment yields very few emergencies. Some patients may feel minor discomfort between one and three days as teeth move with treatment. If brackets or appliances become loose or break, patients may schedule repair appointments.

If you feel you are experiencing an orthodontic emergency, please call the office at 410-465-5945, for Dr. Maskeroni’s phone number.


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