Dr. Alfred J Maskeroni Orthodontics

Our Practice


Our Philosophy

Our office always treats you as an individual; we are not an assembly line. We pride ourselves in creating a personalized experience in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. We intend to treat you so well personally and technically that you feel comfortable in recommending us to your friends and family.


Why We Are Different

Dr. Maskeroni has over 30 years of experience and sees each patient at every visit. Creating a perfect smile as well as establishing a functional bite is a priority for each patient. He uses an articulator, which simulates the ideal jaw-joint relationship. The articulator allows Dr. Maskeroni to make your teeth fit together with your joint in the socket. 


Our staff is continuously educated to stay current with the latest advances in orthodontic techniques. With our new state of the art systems (brackets, wires, invisible braces, digital x-rays, etc.) orthodontics is now easier, faster and more enjoyable for every patient.


Dr. Alfred J Maskeroni


• Board Certified and member of the American Board of Orthodontists and the American Association of Orthodontists.

• 30+ years of dental experience

• Former Specialty Advisor for Orthodontics to the Surgeon General of the United States Navy.

• Former Department Chairman, Orthodontics Naval
Postgraduate Dental School at the National Naval Dental Center.

• Captain, United States Navy, (Ret.) Dental Corp,
USN with 22 years of service

• Education:
Bachelor of Science, Loyola College (1975)
Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of MD
School of Dentistry (1979)
Certificate of Orthodontics, Fort Meade
Orthodontic Residency Program (1988)

• Baltimore native, resident of Ellicott City
for 25+ years with wife Claudia and four children:
Al, Christy, David, and Katherine.


Chris Sneddon

Has worked for Dr. Maskeroni for 18+ years, both as a chairside assistant and office coordinator. Chris is a New Jersey Native and his lived in Maryland for 28+ years. She has two children, a daughter who teaches in Howard County and a son in the United States Air Force. She also has 3 beautiful grandchildren, 2 boys and a girl. In her spare time Chris enjoys running, and has completed 26 full marathons. She is also an avid Eagles fan.


Rosemary Kestle

Has been Dr. Maskeroni’s chairside assistant for the last 15+ years. She and her husband have been married for 40 wonderful years. She enjoys serving her community and is active in her church, teaching in the Women’s Ministry and singing in the choir.


Arcelis Torres

Has worked for Dr. Maskeroni for 15+ years as both a chairside assistant and lab technician. She lives in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania with her husband, Frank, and three children, Vanessa, Xavier and Jessie. She is proud of her Puerto Rican heritage and enjoys spending time with her family. Arcelis is bilingual and enjoys speaking Spanish with the staff and patients.